Feral Children Refines Its Explosive Indie Rock on Debut LP

Feral Children have been ravaging stages from their hometown Seattle to SXSW with their ferocious live performances and unhinged indie rock and now their debut record, Second to the Last Frontier, will be released July 8 on Sarathan Records. The LP was produced by Scott Colburn (Arcade Fire, Animal Collective) and retains the cathartic, live energy – writhing and glistening with yelps, screams, buzzing guitars, dual drummers, intense keys, resonant melodies and an underlying tone of conflict and frustration.

“Spy/Glass House” is the first track from the record and launches into a frenzy almost right off the bat as a spiky guitar riff collides with vocalist/percussionist Jeff Keenan’s howling melodies. The song bursts at the seams with an eerie tension that pervades the entire record. You can download it here: http://sarathan.com/audio/feralchildren/FeralChildren-SpyGlassHouse.mp3


One response to “Feral Children Refines Its Explosive Indie Rock on Debut LP

  1. “Spy/Glass House” is fucking cool. I see they have two more posted on their myspace (myspace.com/feralchildrenseattle). “Jaundice Giraffe” makes me want to hear this album right now. July 8th is a long time from now…

    Now listening to Zyghost…wow.

    These guys are on to something. It’s like Animal Collective got an attitude or something.

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