Darker My Love Plays in The Ocean (Ocean Way Studios, that is)

Pictured in Studio D at Ocean Way (L-R, Standing) are Will Canzoneri, keyboards; Rob Barbato, vocals, bass; Tim Presley, vocals, guitar; Jared Everett, guitar; Dave Cooley, producer. Foreground (L-R) Wesley Seidman, assistant engineer; Tony Hoffer, engineer/mixer. Photo by David Goggin.

Why do these studio photos always look exactly the same? Well, I guess if you’re a gear geek you’ll appreciate that Darker My Love “mixed their sophomore album, 2, in the Never 88R equipped Studio D.” This all naturally spoken in a loud booming male voice. On a side note (not really – side that is), this album is INCREDIBLE. It’s not just us saying so. There’s a couple radio stations who agree… A couple very important and highly influential stations who have been crucial in breaking some other well-known indie-rock bands we happen to be close with and… And…… We are excitable.



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