The Triumphant Return of Jane’s Addiction; Mick Jones Regales Us With Interspecies Love at the US NME Awards

We came, we saw, we rocked! How could you not, with Jane’s Addiction reunited in front of our very eyes – for the first time since 1991! We feel extremely fortunate to have been amongst a mere several hundred people to witness rock history – and yes, it was a doozy!

After a train wreck of an awards show that saw Kelly Osbourne go head to head with comedian host Jim Jeffries for some zingers, Sienna Miller plant one on Mick Jones and the Klaxons accept an award meant for the Arctic Monkeys, the LA alt-rock veterans received the Godlike Genius Award before launching into an explosive four-song set. Perry Farrell took to the stage dressed like a black stallion (literally, he had a tail people!) but the real highlight, proven by the deafening applause he received, was O.G. bassist Eric Avery. Eric circled the stage like a bull, and pounded out the iconic rhythms of “Stop,” “Mountain Song” and “Ocean Size” before grabbing an acoustic guitar for night-closer “Jane Says.” As the audience sang back in unison and danced to the steel drum, the band looked happy as ever.

Meanwhile, that very Eric Avery just released his first-ever beautifully dark solo effort, Help Wanted. Here’s a clip for his video… Then read on for more about last night.

It was a fitting end to a surreal night that also included an inspiring speech by Mick Jones of the Clash/Big Audio Dynamite who entertained the crowd with a story he saw on the news about kittens taking to a female dog after their mother died. He told the industry-laden crowd there should be a movie about it called “The Dogmother” before strapping on his guitar and rocking two songs with his new band Carbon/Silicon. All hail rock ‘n’ roll.

We leave you with a glimpse into our night:

Eric Avery laying it down like it’s 1989.

Believe it or not, Datarock was not posing.

Ink Tank’s very own Tim Plumley & Randall Roberts of the LA Weekly.

Guess who?

Fashion stylist to the stars Danny O!


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