Things We Like: Rhapsody, The Last Shadow Puppets, M83, Fail Blog

Welcome to Friday.

We introduce you to our a new section of our indulgences, appropriately titled, “Things We Like.” Every week, we’ll blab about this and that, something or other, that’s making us happy. Don’t worry, we’ll limit it to 3 each.


1. Rhapsody
um…. Hello?? Where have I BEEN? This is the greatest invention ever! I am about to upload my entire CD collection to an external hard drive and get rid of all my CDs! Anything I don’t have, it’s most likely available here. I am truly obsessed. The office…. My house. A song pops into my head, and POOF! No wonder it’s been taking me so much longer to get out of my house these days….

Playing right now: Catherine Wheel’s “Black Metallic.” I’m a 90’s child, what can I say?

2. M83 – Saturdays = Youth
Obsessed may be an understatement. I simply cannot stop listening to this new album! Buy it, download it, listen to it. Saturdays = Youth. What’s even more exciting? They’re playing L.A. On May 20th!!!!! OMG, I am counting seconds.

Listen to the 80s-inspired goodness below

3. The Last Shadow Puppets – The Age of the Understatement
Really, just an amazing sonic collection. The video is pretty damn good too.


1. Why?“These Few Presidents” – I’ve probably listened to this song 50 times in the last couple weeks and have yet to get sick of it. I won’t lie and say I’ve been all that familiar of Why?’s past material but after this song, I instantly became a fan. Sounding a bit like a far less cheesy They Might Be Giants, singer Yoni Wolf’s nasally vocals ride over a bed of clankety instrumentation before this lyric comes in and just kills me: “Even though I haven’t seen you in years/Yours is a funeral I’d fly to from anywhere.”

You can stream the song over at the Hype Machine:

2. The Fail Blog – Some genius has been trolling each and every corner of the Internets looking for the best of the worst and I can’t get enough. This site features everything from failures in design, parenting, fashion and so much more. Below is one of my favorites but that’s just the beginning. Check out the site if you want to kill about 6 hours and make sure to visit frequently as it’s updated daily. Such a simple concept with such hilarious results.


One response to “Things We Like: Rhapsody, The Last Shadow Puppets, M83, Fail Blog

  1. Rhapsody….. What can I say? I’ve been a subscriber for a couple of wasted years now. Can’t have it on too early or I spend way too much time chasing the music down the rabbit hole…..

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