Juliana Vs. the Pony Pinata and Other Sorted Scenes from Her Birthday Bash

[Juliana showing the pony who’s boss]

Last night the Echoplex in Echo Park was ever so gracious to let us take over the place for six hours of dancing, drinking, Twister and more drinking. With “Sixteen Candles” projected on the wall, DJs Jamal Dauda and Jason Bentley spinning on the decks and a ginormous purple pony pinata, Juliana celebrated her birthday with tons of her closest friends.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and making it an unforgettable night. A big shout out to Bryan from Dewars, Matt from Tito’s Vodka and Heidi Richman for the distilled spirits and wine that kept the booze a flowing. And of course a HUGE thank you to Mitchell and Liz at the Echoplex and their amazing staff. Nic, Scott, Sarah – we couldn’t do it without you.

Here we provide you with sorted scenes from June 24th’s festivities:

[This cake tasted even better than it looked]

[Juliana celebrates with some of her closest friends]

[Ink and Tank toast to another birthday]

[Ana – thanks for everything]

[DJ Jamal Dauda provided the perfect soundtrack for the dance party]

[An awesome gift, DJ Jason Bentley stopped by to spin some jams for Juliana. Big ups to Mr. Gary Richards on the right.]

[Rosie Fuentes, the glamour queen, and Juliana]

[Steve Nice maintains the 12 inches rule at the Echo Park prom]

[Darker My Love’s Rob Barbato grew this beard just for the party]

[Puma man Ryan Ayanian gives the birthday girl some love]


One response to “Juliana Vs. the Pony Pinata and Other Sorted Scenes from Her Birthday Bash

  1. You look stunning babe. Happy Belated Brithday! Looks like you had a great time. When will you be in Toronto again?? Let me know.

    Much love,


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