Gregory and the Hawk Prepares for Flight

There is no Gregory in Gregory and the Hawk and as far as we know there is nary a hawk, but there is Meredith Godreau’s voice and really that’s all we need. Throw in layers of beautiful instrumentation and some experiments in noisy sonics and we are more than sold.

This Brooklyn beauty has been performing her acoustic-based songs up and down the East Coast for sometime now, has sold more than 15k of her self-released recordings and has done that all without a manager or the support of a label, although that’s just changed.

Like a scene from a movie about serendipity (but not that really bad movie with John Cusack), GATH was discovered by her label FatCat Records purely by accident: they were grabbing some drinks at a local NY watering hole where she happened to be playing. Quickly their chatter turned to silence as her music commanded their complete attention and a month later, she was in the studio.

Her FatCat debut, entitled Moenie and Kitchi, will be released October 7 and if you were a fan before prepare to be blown away. If you are just discovering her, you’re welcome. Head on over to her MySpace to check out “Grey Weather” from the upcoming album and you might just be inspired to whip out the ol’ acoustic and webcam and record your rendition. There’s already 17 pages of them inhabiting YouTube, see for yourself: GATH covers


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