Totally Michael Bursts out of Bloomington

As the leaves change and back-to-school sale ads invade your mailbox, Totally Michael is here to remind you that although it’s almost autumn, the carefree booty-shakin’ days of summer do not have to come to an end. His sugar-high, self-titled debut comes out October 14 on IHEARTCOMIX (Matt & Kim, Toxic Avenger), and we are downright giddy in anticipation.

We wish we could tell you that we’ve followed up on our urges to stop working so we could permanently host backyard dance parties with the sprinklers running, but we can’t. However, we can tell you that some recommended listening accessories include cherry Kool-aid, a pogo stick, and your dancing shoes of choice. While you’re waiting for the album to arrive, you can preview some tracks at Totally Michael’s MySpace page, and find out that, as Michael says, “Life’s not so bad!”


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