Totally Michael Totally Tore It Up at the Fuck Yeah Fest Benefit Last Night

Last night, armed with just an electric guitar, microphone, ipod and his ridiculously catchy tunes, Totally Michael played a sweat-inducing set at the Fuck Yeah Fest benefit show at the 6th Street Warehouse in downtown L.A. It turns out that Sean Carlson’s FYF just got thrown a curve ball as one of his key financial backers pulled out at the last minute… so to save the show a bunch of local musicians, our buddies Slang Chickens (yo Dash!) and Brother Reade, as well as Tweak Bird and Crystal Antlers (who just got signed to Touch and Go!), rallied to the cause alongside DJ Sea Level Todd, who kicked out the jams in between the sets.

Totally Michael launched his set with his pre-recorded theme song, an anthemic electro banger, and got every one hyped by dancing up a storm and throwing caution to the wind. He then strapped on his strat and played songs off his forthcoming record as well as some old jams, peppering the in-between breaks with some awesome mash-ups that kept the dance party going at all times. True to form he split the crowd down the middle for “Cheerleaders Vs. Drillteam” and we had to make the oh so important decision. I chose drill team. He ended the show by almost passing out due to his exhilarating performance of “Casual Satisfaction.”

Here’s some photos of the evening captured by our very own Jobrasnake, Joseph Tsai.


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