KEXP Loves Kevin Devine


Kevin Devine’s “Another Bag of Bones” has been chosen as KEXP’s “Song of the Day” today, May 18. The track was selected by Midday Show host Cheryl Waters who said:

“Today’s Song of the Day is just one of those songs that blend the personal, observational, and global: phrases like “collateral damage,” “cost of war,” “conflict diamond,” and “mission of identity” point to some larger message (i.e. how poorly we’ve made our time on earth), and indicate “the whole damn world turned inside out,” but there’s nothing here to be done about it — rather just let the whole thing burn. In the song, there’s an inherent relief from the burden of responsibility that we seek at times, even when we know that we shouldn’t sit back and let bad things happen. It’s a message echoed in the album’s next song, “Hand of God”: “Cut yourself some slack against a deck so stacked / I mean come on now, you’re just one man.” Rather than preach a particular message, Kevin Devine’s music does what good music should: it makes you rethink the things you’ve come to expect.”

Just before Kevin Devine and The Goddamn Band took off for their extensive cross-country journey, the band stopped by John Richards’ NYC studio to record a session for the venerable KEXP. Check out the videoed performance of Today’s “Song of the Day” as well as “I Could Be With Anyone” from his brand new LP, Brother’ Blood, out now on Favorite Gentlemen.

“Another Bag of Bones”

“Another Bag of Bones” live on KEXP

I Could Be With Anyone” live on KEXP


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