Lucha VaVoom Turns 21 With “We Got The Beat”

Lucha VaVoom
The glorious debut of mini Cassandro, a death-defying aerial pole dance routine by Gypsy Roze, and enough luchadores and ladies to make any jaded Angeleno want to strip down and jump in the ring: Lucha VaVOOM is back! Lucha VaVOOM’s 21st show, the summer spectacular “We Got The Beat,” will take place at the celebrated Mayan Theater in Los Angeles June 24 and 25. Tickets are on sale now at or at Wacko in Los Feliz or Brat in Santa Monica.

At this sexed-up, adrenaline-fueled collision of the finest in Mexican wrestling, titillating striptease and cunning linguistic, the mustached wonder Dirty Sanchez will disgust and delight the crowd with his dastardly and dirty deeds, while the fiery femme fatales the Poubelle Twins, will make their triumphant return to the ring. The world famous Cassandro will strut his stuff in the “Super Estrella” headline match and he’s brought along a friend – mini Cassandro, the first-ever mini exotico. The new mini will be born right before your very eyes and take on tiny superstar Ultimo Dragoncito, also making his Lucha VaVOOM debut.

As always, a dazzling array of talented burlesque beauties will ensure there’s never a dull moment. Bonita La Belle, Lucy Fur and Lux La Croix will take to the stage to take it off. Egyptian Princess and hula-hooper extraordinaire Karis will leave your jaw dropping and eyes popping with each twist of the show stopper’s hips. Somebody call the Guinness Book of World Records folks because the gravity-defying Gypsy Roze will attempt something that’s never been done before – an aerial pole dance routine.

The host with the most Blaine Capatch, along with Spongebob Squarepants’ Tom Kenny and stand-up comedian/“The Simpson’s” scribe Dana Gould, will offer up some hilarious play-by-play of the night’s action. Only Lucha VaVOOM has got the beat so make sure you come and get it this summer.


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