The Ink Tanker Loves Amoeba

Picture 1

In these not-so-thriving economic times, bargain-hunting is the name of the game. Unfortunately, most ‘bargains’ are just garbabe that never should have been produced in the first place. However, thanks to the good folks at Amoeba Music, you can find some absolute steals on used LP’s. While their normal selection is already impressive, the $1 vinyl rack rewards the true bargain-hunters who are willing to put in the time to unearthing some finds.

Want proof? Some of our recent $1 finds include Simon and Garfunkel’s Sounds of Silence, Bob Dylan’s Nashville Skyline, Bondie’s Eat to the Beat, and Fleetwood Mac and the Pretenders’ self-titled. So, when the time comes to trade in your old Boyz II Men CD (admit it, you still have it) or that duplicate season of Seinfeld you got for Christmas in 2003, know that you can pick up some gems at Amoeba.


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