Minus the Bear Signs to Dangerbird Records

Minus the Bear, the Seattle-based band that’s been wowing music lovers for years with their jaw-dropping technical skills as much as for their keen pop song craft, has signed to Dangerbird Records. The Silver Lake label will release the quintet’s fourth LP this spring.  As music fans, we’ve adored Minus the Bear for years, so we’re honored to be in business with them,” exclaims Jeff Castelaz, co-founder/CEO of Dangerbird Records. “They had many options, and chose to make Dangerbird their new home. Something we take quite seriously.”

“After months of looking under rocks and in dark caves, we’ve found a nice place to nest with Dangerbird Records,” explains bassist Cory Murchy. “They are a label of artists for artists and we are very excited to work with their creative minds to continue to bring you quality craftsmanship and the very best we can provide for our fans, both old and the newly educated.”

Not much has been revealed about the new album but  head over to MySpace to hear one of the forthcoming tracks, “Into The Mirror.” And keep an eye on their official site for even more news.


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