Dangerbird signs UK’s alternative dance band Delphic; debut LP to be released stateside June 29

Hailed as “A New Order for the 21st century” by England’s Q magazine, the Manchester trio known as Delphic has become the newest member of the Dangerbird Records family. The band’s highly lauded debut album, Acolyte, released earlier this year overseas, will now receive a domestic release on June 29.

Whether on the explosively percussive “Clarion Call,” the lost longing of “Submission,” the sheer contagiousness of ‘Halcyon’ or the epic scope of the title track, Delphic consistently demonstrate that their ability to write massive songs is equal to their ability to build bangin’ beats.  “With a lot of dance albums, you search out the singles but the rest is all a bit samey and boring,” says Cocksedge, “We wrote the album as a whole and weren’t afraid to lower the tempos and concentrate on the songs.” Delphic will debut these songs to American audiences this spring at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival when they perform on Sunday, April 18.

Head on over to their OFFICIAL WEBSITE to keep up to date with more exciting news.


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